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30/03/2015 - Septic Tank Mainenance - Toilet Papers

Recently one of our customers asked a very good question which needs to be here on our blog of very helpful advice.  The question was: What sort of toilet paper should be used in a septic toilet?  The answer: 

1. We recommend only using 1 or 2 ply toilet, as 3+ply takes longer for the microorganisms living in the septic tank to decompose and can sometimes form a crust on the surface of the septic tank.  In such cases, the 3+ply toilet paper could potentially be forced up into the outlet baffle and end up in the distribution trenches potentially causing permanent damage.  

On the topic of "crust" layer on the surface of the septic tank, another thing which can cause this is nappy wipes.  If you have a septic system, we strongly encourage you to never put nappy wipes / baby wipes down the toilet.  Septic tank microorganisms cannot "break down" these materials and given enough time, a crust will form on the surface of the water, causing potential permanent distribution trench damage.

If you find people are doing any of these non-recommended practices, we recommend stopping immediately.  If you find the septic tank starting to smell, this can indicate that waste inside the septic tank is not decomposing and a pump-out should be done as soon as possible.

Please don't hesitate to call our office or email us if you ever need any septic system advice, we are ready to be of assistance :).

26/03/2015 - Meet Our Team - Elecia

Continuing our series introducing our fantastic Lee's Liquid Waste Services'staff members, today we introduce Elecia.

Elecia has been with our company since 2012, starting in a full-time capacity, then moving to a part-time position for the past 6 months since the birth of her beautiful new baby boy, Hunter 

Elecia fills the extremely important role of invoicing, docket-matching and reporting to the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection (DEHP).  When work comes in, we dispatch the work to our field technicians and they bring their completed work-reports and waste transport certificates* to Elecia.  Elecia then matches these dockets, sends invoices and dockets to customers and then at the end of each month, reports on waste movements to the DEHP

*Waste transport certificates (WTC) are dockets supplied to us by the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection - formerly EPA - which we take to waste disposal facilities and fill out.  The waste disposal facilities record on WTC the the number of litres of liquid waste we disposed at their site, which consists of the septic, grease, greywater, muddy water, oily water, sewerage, grit, mud and all other types of liquid wastes we collected at customer sites earlier that day.

All waste movement must be tracked by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to ensure that what is collected DOES end up at the waste treatment facilities and NOT disposed of illegally into the ocean or other areas where there is "free disposal", but causing severe harm to the environment by polluting waterways etc.

Elecia's other jobs consist of balancing credit cards and also looks after all the needs of one of our larger clients where a lot of work is required to be done on the administration side. 

In her spare time, Elecia enjoys spending time with her two beautiful sons, Bailey and Hunter, and tremendously enjoys being a mother.

18/03/2015 - Vacuum Excavation Truck Expansion

Just this Friday gone, we collected a new truck for our vacuum excavation fleet.  Here's a photo of Chris with the sales technician for the official handover:

This truck has purpose built for vacuum excavation and non destructive digging to enable us to pump-out all liquid wastes (eg. septic, grease, greywater, oily water, stormwater etc.), but specifically to deal with the heavy industrial and commercial liquid and solid wastes such as dirt, mud, sand, small rocks, gravel for jobs where working around underground services (eg. electricity, water, gas or telecommunication services underground) and it being safe to dig using high pressure water, rather than using excavation equipment.  Please see below Chris and Peter from our company talking about their excitement in us getting this new truck which will allow us to help our customer with ALL solid and liquid pump-able wastes :).

10/03/2015 - Meet our Team - Michelle

Continuing on with our series introducing you to our team, we next present Michelle :

Michelle is our newest office worker and it's a pleasure to welcome her to our team.  Michelle came in to take over Dennis' previous job of processing of the domestic grease trap pumpout run paperwork.  Although we will be migrating to a digital system soon, our present means of collecting data about the services we perform at our sites is still done on actual paper.  Michelle and Kim give reminder phone calls to our recurring schedule domestic grease trap & greywater sullage holding tank customers who need to be notified before we attend their sites (either due to locked gates or dogs or other reasons preventing us attending the site automatically).  One a person has confirmed a job for go-ahead, they are highlighted yellow and the job is confirmed. 

ichelle then collates all these grease trap and greywater sullage holding tank pump out customers into a combined runsheet in the order of customer servicing, it goes to our professional friendly service technician Craig and his helpful offsider Rory who complete the work and bring back the completed paperwork.  Michelle then emails out invoices where necessary, checks off any collecte cheques and files the paperwork for future reference. 

Michelle also fills the very important role of receptionist, booking in urgent jobs which come in each day.  Michelle is also our only office team member who works the full 5 days a week at present and still has a cheery smile on her face whether it's Monday or Friday .


Outside of work, Michelle enjoys spending time with her friends and family and enjoys going to the gym when she can.  If anyone knows of a free housekeeper and cook, Michelle is waiting for your call also