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Lee’s Liquid Waste Services © 2018.  Providing quality Septic tank cleaning, grease trap cleaning, greywater tank cleaning, skip bin hire, industrial front lift waste bins, drain cleaning, potable water delivery, wastewater treatment system servicing, vacuum excavation, underground service locating and drain camera inspection services for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Emerald  since 1984.

Australian Family Owned Since 1980


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24/7 Emergency Service.Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Emerald, Ipswich, Bay Islands, StradbrokeCommercial & Domestic.(07) 3206 4844
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Potholing (also known as vacuum excavation)

Potholing (Also known as Non Destructive Digging, Vacuum Excavation and Hydro Excavation)

Potholing (also called non destructive digging, vacuum excavation and hydro excavation) is the process of digging holes in the ground using high pressure water blasters (similar to gernis) in conjunction with vacuuming up the mud slurry generated by the water blasting.  This method of hole digging is essential for jobs where the location of underground services (electricity, water, telephone etc.) is unknown and electrocution or other dangers exist.  Because only water and vacuum is used, the possibility of damaging existing services is removed making potential dangers jobs safe.  

Potholing is also a safe and fast way to dig holes without taking up the large amount of room that mechanical diggers require.  Lee’s Liquid Waste Services potholing equipment can park anywhere from 40m up to 150m away from the potholing location, rolling out the required meters of vacuum hose and water jetting reel from the vacuum excavation vehicle.

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services are able to create potholes of any diameter, from 100mm up to excavating large square meters of area.  Our vacuum hoses have diameters of 76.2mm up to 203mm for various sizes jobs and requirements, and our vehicles are available  

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services has a  fleet of four vacuum excavation / potholing vehicles ready to be of service to you.

Lee's Liquid Waste Services Potholing & waterjetting combo vacuum excavation truck