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Lee’s Liquid Waste Services © 2018.  Providing quality Septic tank cleaning, grease trap cleaning, greywater tank cleaning, skip bin hire, industrial front lift waste bins, drain cleaning, potable water delivery, wastewater treatment system servicing, vacuum excavation, underground service locating and drain camera inspection services for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Emerald  since 1984.

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Rainwater Tank Cleaning

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Although rainwater tank water entry points are usually covered with a gauze, small particles of dirt or grit will inevitably enter the rainwater tank and gather at the bottom of the tank.  This gathered grit is referred to as “sludge”.  To ensure rainwater tanks are kept hygienic and your rainwater is of the cleanest possible standard, councils recommend removing sludge and sanitising rainwater tanks at least once every 2 years.  

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services provides a professional clean of your rainwater tank, removing all water from the tank, cleaning all grime and grit off all inner surfaces  of your tank using very high pressure water blasters, sanitising the tank with chlorine/water solutions then removing all remaining chemical residues.

Rainwater Tank Cleaning by Lee's Liquid Waste Services

To help prevent sludge from entering your rainwater tank, below are several tips to help keep the tank as clean as possible:

Attach First Flush diverters to your rainwater tank.  A first flush diverter captures the first small amount of water     from rainfall and stops it from entering the rainwater tank.  The first few litres of rainfall will usually wash all the     dust off the roof and send it into the rainwater tank.  The first flush diverter stops this dirty water from entering     the rainwater tank, while allowing the cleaner rainwater to enter the rainwater tank

Regularly clean your roof, gutters, first flush devices and insect screens of leaves, debris and overhanging tree     branches.

Leaf traps will reduce contamination and sealing the tank from light will discourage the growth of algae and bacteria.